Teacher Education

We are delighted to announce a new Teacher Education program beginning in September 2020.  Participation is by invitation only.  Students who have taken a minimum of 50 hours of individual singing lessons are eligible to be considered for this program.  

The Teacher Education program is divided into two main stages:  the Diploma Program and the Certification Program.  

The Diploma Program allows singers and teachers interested in the Libero Canto approach to acquire a basic understanding of the principles and methodology of this school, a foundation in essential musical and functional hearing skills, and general theoretical knowledge in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, and psychology.  The three levels of Diploma conferred do not constitute a Certification in the Libero Canto approach. 

The Certification Program expands and deepens the material covered by the Diploma Program.  Certification as a Libero Canto teacher is suitable for teachers of singing who wish to commit themselves fully to life-long learning and to Libero Canto as an ongoing path of human and musical development.