Beginner Musicianship Class – Adults

Join Libero Canto Teacher and Certified Kodály Instructor, Kinga Cserjési, for an 8 week long musicianship course, inspired by the Kodály approach, designed for beginners and anyone who wants to improve their musical skills. Through playful exploration of folk music from around the world, students will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental elements of music such as rhythm, scales, and harmony, as well as sight reading.

Our fall 2023 is session is finished, but we will be announcing our spring session soon!

“The Level 1 Kodály class greatly increased my musical skills and understanding. It was also a nourishing and joyful experience that I looked forward to each week. The classes were incredibly organized and effective. Each class was challenging, but the exercises were so embodied and playful that it was never frustrating. I appreciated how supportive and accepting the teacher and students were. I highly recommend this class!” -Shannon, Kodály Student