Salve mater fons amoris Oct. 2023- St. Ignatius of Antioch

Salve mater fons amoris, (Hail Mother, Fountain of Love) is a musical meditation on motherly love through the lens of three exquisite Baroque pieces. The program begins with Alessandro Scarlatti’s bright and heartfelt setting of the well-known prayer, Salve Regina (Hail Mary), followed by a Trio Sonata in G Major by composer and nun, Isabella Leonarda. The program culminates with Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s moving and dramatic Stabat Mater (the Mother was Standing), a piece written on the composer’s deathbed at the age of 26, which tells the story of the Virgin Mary’s grief as she stood beside the cross.

St. Ignatius of Antioch

Performers are Kinga Cserjési (Soprano), Deborah Carmichael (Mezzo-Soprano), Rafa Prendergast (Violinist), Epongue Ekille (Violinist), Dan McCarthy (Violist), Ana Kim (Cellist), Caitlyn Koester (Organist)

Photos of Dress Rehearsal by Rick Lash Photography

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