Deborah Carmichael

Deborah Carmichael is the artistic director of the Libero Canto School of Singing and the holder of the Libero Canto Szamosi® trademark.  She studied singing with her teacher and mentor Edvin Szamosi.  Deborah received a B.A. in Comparative Religion from Princeton University and a diploma in piano from the Mannes College of Music Extension Division.  In 1990, sponsored by the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, Deborah organized Edvin Szamosi’s first teaching course in New York City. Mr. Szamosi’s annual courses for singers and singing teachers continued until 2007.  In 2001, Deborah was the executive producer of the feature documentary film Libero Canto, Voice is Breath by award-winning director Andrea Simon.  Deborah was the founder of the Il Cuore Canta workshops and Young Artist Program, which took place from 2012 to 2015 in Upstate New York under the sponsorship of the New York Foundation for the Arts.  Deborah has been teaching singing since 1994 in New York City and in Vienna.  Since 2013, as La Compagnia Amarilli, Deborah Carmichael and Kinga Cserjési have given concerts in New York City, Vienna, Budapest, Pisa, and Florence, notably their storytelling concert, Non v’e rosa senza spine, directed by Beate Mathois, and the Stabat Mater by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, which they performed in May 2019 with Orchestra Sinfonica Florentia, conducted by Valentino Zangara, at Basilica Santa Maria Novella in Florence.